Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Seconix/GM 1.3 Wish List

Hello Geno,

Le vendredi 12 novembre 2004 à 13:07 -0500, geno a écrit :
> I wish that:
> i) the address book of registered online users would update 
> more frequently;

You are right about that, but if we refresh the content more often, then
Netmeeting clients will be dropped as Netmeeting is using a 30 minutes
timeout actually and there is no way to change this.

However, in the next release of GnomeMeeting after 1.2, we will use a
new system :
- users will register to a gatekeeper or to a SIP proxy
- the gatekeeper/SIP Proxy will push the info to an LDAP server
- we will drop ILS

That will allow a lower timeout.

> ii) the GM personal address book provided more space for saving personal 
> notes about a contact;

I'll take note of this. In 1.2, you can probably add more info to a
contact using Evolution, but that won't be visible from GM. But that's
an interesting idea.

> iii) GM provided more flexibility in ordering and resizing the columns of 
> the address book of online users; and

Good too. A bit like in Evolution.

> iv) GM provided an easy way to save the contents of the text-chat box 
> (perhaps with the other contact information).

ok for that one too. I'll update the wiki with those ideas. However, I'm
busy with the SIP port of gnomemeeting so it could take longer than
usual to see those features in GnomeMeeting.

> I think GM has evolved into a truly first-class product representing a 
> standard of quality that hopefully will be emulated by the designers/coders 
> of many other Linux applications.

Thanks! :)

> geno
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