Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] 1.2 Roadmap - Name Change?

> We are currently working hard on the 1.2 release. Major new features
> will include :
> - No more ILS support
> - ILS support replaced by a pure LDAP server with H.350 schemas, you
> will register to it through a gatekeeper and later through a SIP
> registrar

Sounds wonderful, ILS is both old and a real PITA.

> - New address book supporting LDAP servers, and integrated with the
> Evolution address book


> ------------------------------------------------------
> Now, I'm more and more worried about GnomeMeeting's name because :
> - people associate GnomeMeeting to Netmeeting, and Netmeeting is dead.
> Moreover, GnomeMeeting is more than just Netmeeting and will also
> support SIP in the future. So people think GnomeMeeting is a dead
> application just because the new "hype" is Skype or MSN Messenger even
> if GnomeMeeting has the same features...

There seem to be alot of voice apps - gnophone, linphone, etc...  Of
these GNOMEMeeting is the only one that doesn't suck.  You should take
some solace from that.

> - people don't see GnomeMeeting as a Voice Over IP application, or as an
> IP telephony application. I don't know why...

In part, I think, because server-side VOIP applications like Asterisk
have historically not referred to GNOMEMeeting.  Perhaps there should be
a more aggressive campaign to make sure project cross-link occurs.

> - people think they absolutely need GNOME to run GnomeMeeting, when it
> is not true anymore. If we have a WIN32 version, perhaps the "GNOME"
> part should be removed from the name.


> What do you think? Do you have propositions for a new name?

"Hob", short and no immediate connotations arrive.  Hob was/is the
'messanger of ra', referred to as Thoth by the Greeks;  he is the
mythological forerunner of Hermes (references to Hob predate those to
Hermes, and Hermes is believed to be a Greek adaptation of the Hob
mythology).  Since vowels were not recorded in ancient Egyptian texts it
could also be Hab, Hib, or Heb, at anyones discretion.

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