[GnomeMeeting-list] 1.2 Roadmap - Name Change?

Hello to all,

We are currently working hard on the 1.2 release. Major new features
will include :
- codecs on the form of plugins (thanks to Craig and Robert's work in
OpenH323 for postincrement.com) 
- H.263 codec plugin support (thanks to Guilhem Tardy from salyens.com)
- WIN32 version (still unsure) but it is progressing slowly
- Possibility to compile it without any GNOME dependancy
- No more ILS support
- ILS support replaced by a pure LDAP server with H.350 schemas, you
will register to it through a gatekeeper and later through a SIP
- New address book supporting LDAP servers, and integrated with the
Evolution address book

Those are the main new features.


Now, I'm more and more worried about GnomeMeeting's name because :

- people associate GnomeMeeting to Netmeeting, and Netmeeting is dead.
Moreover, GnomeMeeting is more than just Netmeeting and will also
support SIP in the future. So people think GnomeMeeting is a dead
application just because the new "hype" is Skype or MSN Messenger even
if GnomeMeeting has the same features...

- people think a webcam is necessary to use GnomeMeeting, they think
"Skype is for people who want to do voicechat, and GnomeMeeting is for
people who want to videochat". But that's wrong, GnomeMeeting has just
more features. I think that the confusion is due to the Netmeeting name.

- people don't see GnomeMeeting as a Voice Over IP application, or as an
IP telephony application. I don't know why...

- people think they absolutely need GNOME to run GnomeMeeting, when it
is not true anymore. If we have a WIN32 version, perhaps the "GNOME"
part should be removed from the name.

What do you think? Do you have propositions for a new name?


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