Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] netmeeting vs gnomeeting: sound screwed up?

On 17 May 2004, dsandras seconix com wrote:

> Netmeeting is using better codecs, encumbered by patents, and
> requiring less bandwidth.
> So make sure you both executed the Configuration Assistant and chose
> the right connection type so that you use optimal codecs.

We both used 
h323:ip number 

Is this what you mean.?

I checked the configuration settings, the default values look
reasonable to me.
I looked up the audio codec settingh

The only thing I cannot activate is
the C.732,1 which is listed as excellent quality.
> Bad sound quality is generally caused by the upload of a too high
> quality video that floods your bandwidth.
   I did not have a video only the recipient had one.
> is perhaps what you are looking for.

BTW would a updgrade to 1.0.x help


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