[GnomeMeeting-list] problems with gnomemeeting

I posted a question earlier but i don't think that it went through. I
downloaded and installed gnomemeeting and went through the configuration
druid but for some reason no input or output devices are found under
either ALSA or OSS. Here are the specs on my audio device:
Vendor: Intel Corp
Model: 82801BA/BAM AC'97 Audio
Module: i810_audio

I tested the sound output so i know the card works. I also used sound
recorder and was able to hear the playback so i know that my micrphone
works (it is a plantronics if that makes a difference). I am able to
make a connection with a friend that is sitting next to me 

I used the instructions at
http://mia.ece.uic.edu/~papers/volans/alsa.html to get the newest ALSA
drivers just in case they weren't installed. I rebooted and was able to
hear the test noise and also able to hear my voice through voice
recorder. But the devices still don't show up. I originally downloaded
all of the rpms and installed them. After i did all of the ALSA changes
I downloaded the gnomemeeting, openh, and pwlib source code and i am
going to compile them to see if it makes a difference.

Has anyone else had this issue? Or does anyone have any advise to why
this is happening?

thanks in advance,

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