Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Auto-initiate connection?

Le mar, 09/03/2004 à 22:52 -0800, Les LaZar a écrit :

> Thanks to the bug reports and fixes, I have gotten GM 1.00 running on
> both of our Via C3/FC1 systems and they now talk with each other
> without crashing.

What was the problem?

> I have some questions:
> While I have successfully used the auto-answer function (Free For
> Chat), I also want to force a call initiation upon start-up.  Is there
> some way to set a preference or create a configuration file that will
> cause GM to place a call to a specific URL on start up AND continue
> trying to connect until the connection is successful (I can't predict
> which of the two systems will start up first).

The first part of what you request is easy : just invoke gnomemeeting -c
The second part is not possible yet but we could implement it as a new
1.2 feature.

> Another question:  could you please point me to an explanation of the
> statistics portion of the control panel display?  For example, what
> does the line on the graph represent?  What does it mean when the

They are the different audio and video streams. I have to look in the
code to remember what color is what.

>  round-trip time varies between two instances of GM that are
> communicating with each other?

I don't understand the question. The RTT is the round-trip-time, if it
is higher on one side than on the other, it simply means that the time
for a packet to go to the other instance of GM and come back is higher.
That can indicate a bandwidth problem.

> Thanks,
> Les
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