[GnomeMeeting-list] Auto-initiate connection?

Thanks to the bug reports and fixes, I have gotten GM 1.00 running on both of our Via C3/FC1 systems and they now talk with each other without crashing.
I have some questions:
While I have successfully used the auto-answer function (Free For Chat), I also want to force a call initiation upon start-up.  Is there some way to set a preference or create a configuration file that will cause GM to place a call to a specific URL on start up AND continue trying to connect until the connection is successful (I can't predict which of the two systems will start up first).
Another question:  could you please point me to an explanation of the statistics portion of the control panel display?  For example, what does the line on the graph represent?  What does it mean when the round-trip time varies between two instances of GM that are communicating with each other?

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