[GnomeMeeting-list] Urgent:Multi-camera

Hi PUYDT Julien,
    I found the archive from the mailing list and saw that someone asks you about the way to archieve multicamera before. You told that we don't need to modify gnomemeeting and pwlib,but just create my own plugin in pwlib. I wonder that how can I mix two video inputs into one? The pwlib get the devices from /proc/video/dev and store as an array.Then the gnomemeeting shows them in the preference window letting user choose one of them. So if I follow your approach, does it mean that that I should integrate all the video devices in the array into one and give gnomemeeting to show in the preference window? Does it need to use two codec for two video inputs?I am very confused about it.
   I appologize for saying too long.It's bit urgent for me to finish this task.
   Thanks alot!

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