[GnomeMeeting-list] Problems with V1.0.1 on Via C3 systems under Fedora Core 1

Greetings all,
First of all...great job on Gnomemeeting!
Now my problem:
The hardware consists of two Via C3-based systems (EPIA M-10K motherboards).  One has an Ezra core and the other is Neahmiah.  They are both running Fedora Core 1 Linux distros (2.4.22 kernel).  Only one of the systems has a video capture card (bt848 Win TV GO).  The two systems are connected to each other via a 100Mbs ethernet LAN via a hub.  These are the only two systems on the LAN (no contention).
We did a clean install of the Fedora distro just last week.  We also installed the GM 0.98 that was included in the distro.  That install was successful and seemed to function although performance in terms of video frame rate and audio quality was less than I had hoped for.
I downloaded the GM V1.0.1 files from the GM web site Wednesday morning (both the Fedora RPM files and the source files).
The existing GM was uninstalled using the RPM command.
We initially had problems installing from the RPMs.  (It would be helpful if the speex package was mentioned in the installation instructions as being a pre-requisite to openh323.)  ...so we compiled from the sources...some flies were missing from our base Fedora installation, but we found them on the Fedora installation disks.  Ultimately the compilation and installation from the source files was successful (without error messages at least).
By the time we were ready to get the new GM installed on the second system, we had downloaded the missing speex RPM and so this system was installed using the binary packages for Fedora.  This was also successful in the same sense as above.
We started GM on both systems and made the connection OK.  We were transmitting video one way and audio both ways (as expected, remember only one system has a video source).  Performance also seemed better than the earlier version.  So far so good...
Then the problem surfaced.  We changed some preferences in each instance of GM (enabling fast start up, changing the video from small to large).  We then shut down each instance of GM and restarted them.
This time, whenever we attempted to establish a connection, the instance of GM on the receiving end of the request would crash.  If the mode was "Available", the crash would occur when either the "Accept" or "Reject" button was clicked on.  If the mode was "Free for Chat (Auto Answer), the crash would occur as soon as the connection request was received.  The crash was announced by an error window from Gnome:  The application Gnomemeeting (process xxxx) has crashed due to a fatal error (Floating Point Exception).
This happens on both systems now.  Whichever one is on the receiving end of a call request.  Rebooting the systems has no effect.
I can provide the crash traceback listing from the error report, if that would be helpful.
I did notice in the list traffic that it was recommended the not only prior versions of GM be uninstalled, prior to installing the latest versions, but also openh323 and pwlib.  Prior to our install, we did nothing explicit about removing (wiping out, cleaning) these components.  The same message also indicated that GM could become "crashy" if prior versions of these components were present.  If you think this could be the source of the problem, would you please provide a step-by-step procedure for preparing a system for installation of the new GM in the case where there is an existing GM installation?
As a relative newbie (only working with Linux for about a year) this would be very helpful for me (and, I am sure, others as well).
Thanks again for a useful product and your assistance.
Les LaZar
les (underbar) lazar (at) compuserve (dot) com

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