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Le mer, 23/06/2004 à 08:42 -0400, Morris Beverly a écrit :
> Hi,
> I think there is a problem with the FX unit generally.  It's been mentioned 
> a couple times on the list, but I don't know if there was ever a definitive 
> answer as to the problem.

Not really. Some users have had success and are regularly using polycom
stations, some others have problems. That's something we can not debug
until we have polycom ourselves for testing, and a way to determine what

> My own problem is getting them to run at the bandwidth I want with GM.  All 
> Polycom units seem to try to connect at the highest possible speed, even 
> when GM is using a slower speed itself.  This causes massive, essentially 
> unusable, frame drops (since I only have a 384 kb connection at my office). 
>   Audio also has a problem, except when I disable the video entirely, at 
> which time, the audio seems to work nicely.  Note that this doesn't seem to 
> happen when I use the Polycom to call GM.

Sounds weird.

> If you are having any real success with polycoms in general, I'd like to 
> hear about it.  Maybe this would be something for a faq entry.
> sorry I was no help ...
> morris
>  >Can anyone tell me how to get the gnomemeeting to call and connect to a
>  >Polycom FX which is a multi-call unit. It seems to work to Polycom H323
>  >single-call units.
>  >tks
>  >ron
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