Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Audio device error

Anne Wilson wrote:
Wrong - the emu10kx can be opened by 32 programs for playback
simultanously (an 8 recording). Mixing is done in hardware.

Most probably Kilian is right here, and the OSS emulation modules
are missing.

All I know is that I had exactly the same symptoms. I killed aRts and it worked.

With a SBLive, you can have aRts, esd, ..., and multiple OSS programs running at the same time. That's my setup here in fact. A SBLive (or any card that does hardware multiplexing) is well worth the investment to spare you pains from the incompatible-sound-systems syndrome Linux has been suffering from since ALSA and sound daemons have appeared on the scene.

As a side note, that's also why I stick to OSS in my projects that involve sound : it's universal, I'm still not convinced the ALSA API has stabilized (and it's Linux-only), and sound daemons suck pond water with low-latency audio. OSS will probably take even longer than Motif to disappear as a result ;-)

But I digress, sorry...

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