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Hello Denis,

What is your problem?

Henri asked how he could make Netmeeting register to an ILS server. Is
it a question about GnomeMeeting? No... That is why we redirected him to
a Netmeeting forum.

To be clear, most of us do not use Netmeeting, and we are not paid to do
support on Netmeeting, so we won't help for Netmeeting problems, but
only for GnomeMeeting problems. Now a quick look at the Netmeeting
manual should help you knowing how it can register to an ILS directory.

Btw, I would add that there are about 600 subscribers to this mailing
list and that your answer is an insult to them. France is not the center
of the world and french is not the only language on earth.

Moreover, we are doing this job on our spare time. We are not paid to do
it. If you want more support than what we can do in our spare time, then
you can contact me offline and I'll tell you what are my consulting fees
for paid support.

Thank you,

Le dim 08/02/2004 à 11:50, denis launay a écrit :
> Le Dimanche 08 Février 2004 06:19, Henri Girard a écrit :
> > Hello :)
> > Is there a way to connect to netmeeting with gnomeeting as ms doesn't
> > provide any more servers ? I tried to connect selecting "" 
> > but i had only one name "01 admin and you have to register ? Where to
> > register ?
> > Any help welcome :)
> > Henri
> Bonjour à toi,
> Tu as vu la réponse ! Super !  Voilà ce qu'on pourrait appeler une ouverture 
> sur le monde ! Non ?
>  Débrouille toi ! C'est clair ?
>  ( Pourquoi annoncer alors que GnMeet est compatible avec Net meet ? sans 
> expliquer comment ? )
> J'espère que tu ( NOUS) pourrons avoir, un jour,  une réponse un peu moins 
> teintée d'ostracisme
> Et puis  devoir manier la langue de J'expire, ça fait si classe ! 
> Ich möchte gern ein bischen deutsch sprechen, ist es möglich ?
> C'est pas mal non plus ! Non ?
> DL
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