Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Small bug with the right "plugs" icon in the panel

> Yes. I just retested it with the gnomemeeting-cvs .deb, and with a fresh rebuild 
> from the CVS archive. Both times I zapped the gconf directory (cleanly this time 
> :-). Here's what I test with, if that can be of help:
> - Called machine: Debian SID i386, KDE, gnomemeeting-0.99.2, latest libpt-cvs 
> and -dev (20040201.CVS-1) and libopenh323-cvs and -dev (20040201.CVS-1) from the 
> gnomemeeting-cvs Debian feed.
> - Caller machine: Debian SID i386, KDE, gnomemeeting-0.98.5 from the regular 
> unstable Debian feed, libpt and libopenh323 also from the unstable feed.
> I call the first box with the second, the little icon in the KDE tray starts 
> wiggling, the incoming call popup shows up, I move the popup out of the way and 
> click on the right icon in the panel, the two plugs in the icon connect together 
> but nothing happens. If I click again on the icon, the two plugs in the icon 
> disconnect and the panel called machine panel says "local user cleared the call" 
> while the one in the caller machine says "remote user cleared the call".
> This happens with the popup disabled, and with the ringing tone disabled too.
> Let me know if there's something else you want me to test.

I think I understand what you are telling me!
You are trying to disconnect using the toggle button in the main window.
The main window button is only used to connect/disconnect, not to refuse
calls. If you don't want to use the popup to disconnect, you will have
to use either the main menu, or to right-click on the blinking icon in
the tray and choose disconnect.

The only thing you can do with the button is calling somebody,
connecting to that person and disconnecting. That button always
represents the current calling state : connected or not. If you push on
it, and toggle it, it will accept the call.
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