Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Shifting set of features

Le lun 02/02/2004 à 03:53, Pierre-Philippe Coupard a écrit :
> Hello,
> First of all, congratulations for the great work on Gnomemeeting. It's 
> definitely a killer app.
> Since I use KDE and not Gnome, I just upgraded from the stable version (0.98.5) 
> to the CVS version (0.99.2-20040201) in the hope of finding rintone support that 
> would work for me. And I did!, to my great pleasure. However, another essential 
> feature (for me) seems to have disappeared from that last release: the ability 
> to disable the annoying incoming call popup window. The basic problem I have 
> with that popup is that, if I happen to hit RETURN at the moment the call 
> arrives, since on my desktop the popup steals the window focus, it picks up the 
> "phone" and messes up whatever I was typing at the moment, which is incredibly 
> annoying.

That's right, that is something I need to fix but I'm not sure it is
possible. However, you can modify the GConf key
/apps/gnomemeeting/general/user_interface/show_popup and set it to
FALSE. The option didn't disappear, it just disappeared from the
preferences window.

> So, if I may ask, would it be possible to bring back the prefs option to disable 
> the incoming call popup? This problem is really a show stopper for me.
> Also, to make the feature really perfect, would it be possible to add an option 
> to select the audio device the ring tone is played on? I have 2 sound devices, 
> one of which I used solely with a headset and the other goes to regular 
> speakers. It would be really nice if Gnomemeeting could play the ring on the 
> speakers, and then handle the chit-chatting to/from the headset. But that's not 
> very important, I suppose I can get a second set of speakers that I could mute 
> before I pick up.

Well, that is a bit advanced. The problem with that kind of features is
that it is very complex to implement, and few users (believe me) will
use it.

> Thanks again for Gnomemeeting. I look forward to testing future releases enormously.
 _      Damien Sandras
//\     It-Optics s.a.
v_/_    GnomeMeeting:
        FOSDEM 2004:
        H.323 phone: seconix com

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