Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Poll

1) I'm using GnomeMeeting :

	a) Professionally
	b) For fun


2) I think that GnomeMeeting :
	a) is unstable
	b) is stable
	c) is very stable


3) Regarding protocols :
	a) I'm happy with H.323
	b) I want SIP
	c) I don't care what protocol is used as long as it works

d) i do care and i want *ALL* protocols

4) My major concern was :
	a) Firewall/NAT problems
	b) audio problems
	c) it was hard to use

hmmm, conserns?

5) Regarding Skype :
	a) I think Skype has a bright future
	b) I'm using Skype and GnomeMeeting
	c) I'm not using GnomeMeeting anymore now that there is Skype
	d) I think GnomeMeeting has no more interest now

I've never used Skype


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