[GnomeMeeting-list] video codec settings ?

Gnomemeeting 0.98.5 is running great :-)     and I love it !

However I am struggling with the settings in codecs/video codecs.
This is a dumb question but these settings are for video I am compressing and sending ? or for video recieved from the other party ? - Im not totaly sure :-\ as altering the setting seems to have little effect while in conversation.

Is there any guidence on what to set these values to (Downstream 576kbps upstream 288kbps) or is it a case of suck it & see ?

Lastly is it possible to call gnomemeeting without it placing a telephone icon on the system tray in KDE & Fluxbox ?

Any advice greatfully recieved ..... Gnomemeeting is soooo much fun !

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