Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Some news

PUYDT Julien a écrit :


The win32 version is already in the works somehow, since I made more
features still available with DISABLE_GNOME (druid and configuration
system mainly). Notice that this means that kde users who compile with
DISABLE_GNOME will use that too ;-)

The main problem is that we can make sure that dependancies of
gnomemeeting are as light as possible, but have not access to a win32
box to compile, test & work... We would need some active win32
developpers to take the code and give it a try. If you know any, piss
them until they cooperate! ;-)
If it's not to complicate, perhaps I could do it. I have windows boxes so I could compile/test Only thing, I don't know which tools I need. But with a minimum of your help I could get it. Please, let me know your thought. You can reply in private if it's out of topic for the list.


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