Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Bandwith limit

Le ven 26/09/2003 à 14:49, Norbert Crettol a écrit :

> This image is not as good as an sequence taken with dvgrab or with the
> capture tool. My camera is a Sony DCR-TRV900. I will make tests next 
> week with a professional camera. I'll keep you informed.

Try to see at the same size and same color palette.

> Is it not possible to share the code of a tool like dvgrab ? Or other
> tools ? I have no notion of this kind of coding, it is just a 
> naive question...

Yes it is possible and I think it is the case. The main problem is that
I have no DC camera and no firewire, so it is impossible for me to debug
and improve the code.
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