Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Help with Sound Problems


I don't think that the problem is with your soundcard, or you would have
the same problem with the configuration druid.

If you had upload problems, then the other side wouldn't hear you

Perhaps you have download problems while uploading, but if the problem
also appears with audio-only, I doubt so.

You could have a router problem, with some router dropping incoming
packets or delaying them too much. You could also have been unlucky with
the persons you were talking to.

I suggest you to watch the statistics to see if you have lost/late
packets, in that case it is a problem with your provider. I also suggest
you to go on,#gnomemeeting, tell that you are the mailing
list guy and ask for a good test/debugging session to somebody there.
But probably not now as everybody should be sleeping ;)

Le ven 30/05/2003 à 01:08, ListBox a écrit :
> I'm desperate. I have been looking in this list for a long time before asking 
> this question, and I haven't found any answer to my cuestion. My problem is 
> the following:
> I have a Via82xx soundcard (included with my main board). I had some probs 
> initially, but finally I managed to install GM on my Mandrake 9.1. When I run 
> the config wizzard, I obtain the all known "device busy" message. But after a 
> "killall artsd" everything gets solved. After that I execute the sound test, 
> and I CAN HER MYSELF AFTER THE 5 SEC DELAY. So I think that it's not really a 
> duplex problem. But everytime I connect to anybody else, he can her me 
> clearly, and see my video stream but I only can hear pieces of the audio 
> stream, similar to talking with low coverage on a mobile phone. The audio is 
> cut in peaces a reproduced very badly... I thought that maybe the problem 
> could be my bandwidth (ADSL 256K connection), but even when I disconnect the 
> webcam so that no image is transmitted, the problem remains. I've also tried 
> to change the sound driver from snd-via82cxx to via82xxx but with no result. 
> I really don't know how what else to do... maybe buying a new soundcard? In 
> case it would solve the problem I'd buy a SB128 (15¤) but before doing this, 
> I'd like anybody to confirm that the problem is really my soundcard...
> Greetz
> Merlin
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