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El vie, 07 de 03 de 2003 a las 19:10, Marc Williams escribió:
> > > And what would happen if I didn't have a Notification Area (I'm too
> > > chicken to get rid of it for fear that it would be difficult to get
> > > back)?  I'm of the opinion that if I want something minimized, I'll hit
> > > the minimize "_" instead of the close "X".
> > > 
> > If you have no notification area GnomeMeeting quits. GnomeMeeting always
> > quits when it has no gui on your desktop. Easy ;)
> > You are confusing minimizing with hiding. You can only minimize the
> > GnomeMeeting window clicking on the '_' button. That makes GnomeMeeting
> > get listed in the window list as minimized. The 'X' button just closes
> > the window (or hides GnomeMeeting, as you prefer).
> You're right, I don't see the distinction of a hidden app vs. a
> minimized app.  Is the behavior of one different from the other, besides
> where they are sitting at the bottom of my window?  If I am right and
> there is no difference, then why have a hidden app?
The same relation you see between the tray icon and the main
gnomemeeting window is the one that exists between the main gnomemeeting
window and the addressbook. If you open the addressbook you have to
options to unmap it from the screen.
a) Hit the 'X' button and close it
b) Minimize it
I use to go for a) when i do not plan to keep working with it, and b) if
I know i'll be needing it soon, but need some more space in my monitor.
With the main gnomemeeting window is the same:
a) You can hide it because you don't plan to work with it soon, and
don't won't to care about it, but want to keep getting calls (so the
icon tray)
b) You minimize it to gain some screen space but want to keep using it
(maybe placing a call), so you can remap the window with alt-tab or
easily with the window list (easier to click than the icon tray).

All the purpose of the icon tray is to let gnomemeeting run without
disturbing you when not in use, so that you can still receive calls.
Believe me when i say that most users would find confusing the 'X'
button to quit gnomemeeting while the icon tray is visible.

Btw, if what you want is a fast why to quit gnomemeeting, ^Q quits, as
with all gnome apps.

Hope i managed to explain myself.
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