[GnomeMeeting-list] Chat-Window and resizing


I found a very minor issue that is probably very easy to fix: I always have the
chat-window displayed when using GM. When I make a call and I extensively use
the chat-window, a scrollbar appears (as it should) and the last line is always
at the bottom of the page. When I end the call, the main window resizes (it
becomes smaller) because the video during the call is bigger than the still
frame that is shown when not making a call. After the resize, the last line is
not on the bottom of the page but the chat-windows is always scrolled up a
little. It would be nice to have the last line visible after resizing to
be able to see the last few lines of text-chat (e.g. the scrollbar should be at
the bottom). This is of course only a cosmetic problem.:-)


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