[GnomeMeeting-list] App crash on inability to access audio device


When I run GM normally, I receive the "An error occured while trying to 
record from the soundcard for the audio transmission" dialog box twice, 
then the call goes ahead without a microphone.  The lack of mic support 
is probably my audio drivers, but the same dialog box pops up twice.

However, if I start GM 0.98 after another application has locked /dev/dsp0, 
trying to establish a connection will pop up one of the record errors as
above, then immediately enter an endless loop of spawning two dialog boxes:
 1. Could not open audio channel for audio reception. 
An error occured while trying to play audio to the soundcard for the audio
reception. Please check that your soundcard is not busy and that your
driver supports full-duplex.
The audio reception has been disabled.

 2. String: %s

Lots of #1 and a few #2.  They keep spawning, eating all the CPU until I 
connect remotely and kill it.  Linux's Ctrl-Alt-F<x> access to another VTY 
doesn't respond.  I just tried 2003-06-16 and it has the same problem.  
Here's a traceback from when the second gnomemeeting_error_dialog() 
is called (the first playback error message), and a step through from
the appearance of the first playback error message to the second one.

System is Linux 2.4.20, gcc 3.2.1.

#0  0x080b90ca in gnomemeeting_error_dialog ()
#1  0x0807a5e4 in GMH323EndPoint::OpenAudioChannel(H323Connection&, int, unsigned, H323AudioCodec&) (
    this=0x80bfca0, connection= 0x8152a18, isEncoding=1, bufferSize=135604760, codec= 0x833ed40)
    at endpoint.cpp:1788
#2  0x41360173 in H323Connection::OpenAudioChannel(int, unsigned, H323AudioCodec&) ()
   from /usr/local/lib/libh323_linux_x86_r.so.1.12
#3  0x413c0307 in H323AudioCodec::Open(H323Connection&) () from /usr/local/lib/libh323_linux_x86_r.so.1.12
#4  0x413c715e in H323_RTPChannel::Open() () from /usr/local/lib/libh323_linux_x86_r.so.1.12
#5  0x4137ea7b in H245NegLogicalChannel::OpenWhileLocked(H323Capability const&, unsigned, unsigned) ()
   from /usr/local/lib/libh323_linux_x86_r.so.1.12
#6  0x4137e756 in H245NegLogicalChannel::Open(H323Capability const&, unsigned, unsigned) ()
   from /usr/local/lib/libh323_linux_x86_r.so.1.12
#7  0x413806a3 in H245NegLogicalChannels::Open(H323Capability const&, unsigned, unsigned) ()
   from /usr/local/lib/libh323_linux_x86_r.so.1.12
#8  0x4135f341 in H323Connection::OpenLogicalChannel(H323Capability const&, unsigned, H323Channel::Directions) ()
   from /usr/local/lib/libh323_linux_x86_r.so.1.12
#9  0x4135efc9 in H323Connection::SelectDefaultLogicalChannel(unsigned) ()
   from /usr/local/lib/libh323_linux_x86_r.so.1.12
#10 0x4135e872 in H323Connection::OnSelectLogicalChannels() () from /usr/local/lib/libh323_linux_x86_r.so.1.12
#11 0x4135e565 in H323Connection::InternalEstablishedConnectionCheck() ()
   from /usr/local/lib/libh323_linux_x86_r.so.1.12
#12 0x4135c221 in H323Connection::HandleControlData(PPER_Stream&) ()
   from /usr/local/lib/libh323_linux_x86_r.so.1.12
#13 0x4135bc44 in H323Connection::HandleControlChannel() () from /usr/local/lib/libh323_linux_x86_r.so.1.12
#14 0x413cdbde in H245TransportThread::Main() () from /usr/local/lib/libh323_linux_x86_r.so.1.12
#15 0x41ade570 in PThread::PX_ThreadStart(void*) () from /usr/local/lib/libpt_linux_x86_r.so.1.5
#16 0x41d37573 in pthread_start_thread (arg=0xbe9ffbe0) at manager.c:300
#17 0x41d375ef in pthread_start_thread_event (arg=0xbe9ffbe0) at manager.c:324

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