Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Using Gnomemeeting / LinuxJack PCI behind NAT firewall

Hi Paul,

> Per the GnomeMeeting FAQ, I have opened up on the
> outside interface of the debian NAT firewall
> (, and those ports are being forwarded to
> workstation on the inside of the network.
> (  The ports opened and forwarded are:
> TCP port 1720 
> TCP ports 30000:30010
> UDP ports 5000:5003

these ports are correct.. but from what i see you're crossing 2 routers,
not only 1.. so make sure both of them have the port-forwarding above
and you're using the external IP in the NAT prefs of GM. This should
give you a working config. Further, don't load any h323 proxy module on
either of the routers.

Best regards,

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