[GnomeMeeting-list] Using Gnomemeeting / LinuxJack PCI behind NAT firewall

I have successfully configured Gnomemeeting and the
ixj driver so I can make phone calls through Microtel.
 I put the pc on the outside of the firewall to see if
the app would work, but now of course it needs to
behind the firewall.

Per the GnomeMeeting FAQ, I have opened up on the
outside interface of the debian NAT firewall
(, and those ports are being forwarded to
workstation on the inside of the network.
(  The ports opened and forwarded are:

TCP port 1720 
TCP ports 30000:30010
UDP ports 5000:5003

Gnomemeeting is configured to use IP translation and
finds the Gnomemeeting cannot connect with other GM
clients, and
a PC to Phone call rings once, sort of hangs for about
30 seconds, then says connected. The call does
connect, but there is no sound, and the two parties
are not able to talk.

Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot frome here?  I
see a h323 proxy at
http://openh323proxy.sourceforge.net/ but I'm not sure
if this is what I need.  

I would prefer (as does the FAQ) to do this by
opening the appropriate ports and forwarding them to
the inside workstation, as I have done with http, vnc,

Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to


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