[GnomeMeeting-list] video drop from Netmeeting

Hello all,
I am relatively new to Linux (about 1 year {starting with RH 7.2 and currently running RH 9}), and even newer to GM (have only connected with it 2 or 3 times).
My setup looks like this:
-RH 9 (with GM) on a PII dell Latitude CPi,
-128MB RAM,
-logitech Quickcam 3000 pro,
-pwc drivers,
-usbaudiooff script.
While testing this system by connecting to a netmeeting windows box (also with a logitech 3000) I connected easily after DMZing the laptop in my router, but after a minute or so of perfect transmission of both audio (RH 9 took care of the sound card problems I was having with 8) and video, the remote  video simply stopped (no more green wave in the statistics field, frozen last image), while the audio continued to work.
Only the remote video ends, the local video still works and the other party was still getting video from me.
I was also using "view both local and remote in separate windows," since the remote video never came through the main window. First these windows switched places with each other and then the remote video died.
Repeated connection attempts brought the same results.
Does anyone know what the solution to this is?
A setting?
Something else?
Also, what I am actually trying to do (this was a test, mainly to see if my audio was working since the video had been working perfectly until then) is to connect my system with a Polycom ViaVideo setup, but to date we have not found Linux drivers for the polycom so we can run Linux (and, presumably,  GM) on both ends.
Does anyone know where I can find them?
If they even exist yet?
Thank you in advance for any advice,
Steve Burke.

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