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Le mar 10/06/2003 à 07:17, Stephen Burke a écrit :
> Hello all, 


> While testing this system by connecting to a netmeeting windows box
> (also with a logitech 3000) I connected easily after DMZing the laptop
> in my router, but after a minute or so of perfect transmission of both
> audio (RH 9 took care of the sound card problems I was having with 8)
> and video, the remote  video simply stopped (no more green wave in the
> statistics field, frozen last image), while the audio continued to
> work. 

Are you sure that you don't have too much packets loss (see statistics)
and that the DMZ is properly configured.

> Only the remote video ends, the local video still works and the other
> party was still getting video from me. 
> I was also using "view both local and remote in separate windows,"
> since the remote video never came through the main window. First these

Having the remote video that never came to the main window but came to a
separate window doesn't make much sense...

>  windows switched places with each other and then the remote video
> died.


> Repeated connection attempts brought the same results.
> Does anyone know what the solution to this is? 
> A setting? 
> Bandwidth?
> Something else?

A misconfigured router I would guess. The best to do in that case is to
run gnomemeeting with --debug=3 and to have a look at the output to
determine why the remote video stops.

Having a look at the FAQ can also help for interaction problems with
Netmeeting (the magic word is MS-GSM :) )

> Also, what I am actually trying to do (this was a test, mainly to see
> if my audio was working since the video had been working perfectly
> until then) is to connect my system with a Polycom ViaVideo setup, but
> to date we have not found Linux drivers for the polycom so we can run
> Linux (and, presumably,  GM) on both ends. 
> Does anyone know where I can find them? 
> If they even exist yet?
> Thank you in advance for any advice,
> Steve Burke.
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