Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] The Jitter buffer

Le jeu 05/06/2003 à 15:54, murugesan a écrit :
>              How is that? Assume that I am having a bad network delay
> and I have some fixed jitter buffer.For bad network delay, it may take
> more time to fill the buffer and less time to fill it for the other
> case. Then how comes the matter of jitter buffer size.Irrespective of
> the size of jitter buffer, delay will be there in a highly congested 
> network.

I'm not sure you understood correctly, so I'll explain things in another

Imagine you have a network for which many packets arrive out of order
and that it takes 200ms approximatively to get all packets and be able
to play them. If you the jitter is < 200 ms, the voice will be
scrambled, if the jitter is > 200 ms, you will just have enough time to
put things in the right order.

Theorically you can always put a jitter big enough to be able to have a
correct voice quality, but a delay of more than 500ms is not acceptable.

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