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Do you notice any delay between "real life" and the video playback ?
Here it was noticeable, a bit more than with a normal webcam. I don't know if
it's my seetings wich aren't very good or what.
Is there any tips to reduce this delay ?



Selon The Surprises <thesurprises1 attbi com>:

> After fiddling with the video codec parameters to up the transfer rate,
> the large firewire video is working well.  I successfully showed my
> parents (who are using Netmeeting) their granddaughter who has just
> started walking :)  Much better to carry around a real video cam than to
> manipulate the 'video ball' Create and Share cam we have on our windows
> PC.  I also like the echo cancelation feature.  We always had troubles
> with netmeeting creating massive echos.  There were no echos with GM.
> Someone here mentioned that their firewire camera kept turning itself
> off after some time.  You can try removing the video tape from the
> camera.  At least it worked for my Sony TRV30 minidv.
> I have one enhancement.  The video is interlaced from the camera, so you
> get interlacing artifacts in the broadcast video.  Can you possibly add
> an optional deinterlace filter to remove these?
> I have a 2.5GHz P4, and the CPU load was stable at around 21%.
> Thanks!
> Jason
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