[GnomeMeeting-list] firewire

After fiddling with the video codec parameters to up the transfer rate,
the large firewire video is working well.  I successfully showed my
parents (who are using Netmeeting) their granddaughter who has just
started walking :)  Much better to carry around a real video cam than to
manipulate the 'video ball' Create and Share cam we have on our windows
PC.  I also like the echo cancelation feature.  We always had troubles
with netmeeting creating massive echos.  There were no echos with GM.
Someone here mentioned that their firewire camera kept turning itself
off after some time.  You can try removing the video tape from the
camera.  At least it worked for my Sony TRV30 minidv.

I have one enhancement.  The video is interlaced from the camera, so you
get interlacing artifacts in the broadcast video.  Can you possibly add
an optional deinterlace filter to remove these?

I have a 2.5GHz P4, and the CPU load was stable at around 21%.


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