[GnomeMeeting-list] The incoming call sound problem

Hello Damien and all of you

I know this has been discussed before - I cheked
all the threads regarding the subject - I just would
like to know if the request for reimplementing the
incomimg call sound through system bell ( eventually
as an option ) would be considered for the 0.98.1 release.
Until a generic sound daemon that works independentlly of
the distro and or desktop environment is available, it would
be a very good idea ( and also for those who only use head-set
and don't have it on all the time ... ).

Thank you for a very good video/audio comunication software and
congratulations for having it accepted on Gnome

 __   __
  _| |__|
 |_|.| .   @ Red Hat Linux version 9

 jpedro vf netcabo pt

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