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I'm reading my mails for the first time since a few weeks, and I think I
know the solution to this one : some installations create a /dev/sound/
directory even when you are not using devfs. It makes pwlib believe that
you are using devfs, and so it is using devfs specific devices
detection. If you are not using devfs, and if you have such a dir, you
can safely remove it.

Le lun 14/07/2003 à 04:31, Brian Minton a écrit :
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> On Sun, Jul 13, 2003 at 06:12:21PM -0700, George wrote:
> > I believe you have to set OSS. Hardware set up in the kernel is not the
> > same as the sound driver.
> odd... I never knew that.  I just figured since it worked, that I
> must have done it right... well, I guess it is time to
> recompile... or maybe I should try ALSA
> thanks,
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