Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] docklet in KDE3.1

So, it's not my bug :D
Somebody needs to bug kde with "Gnome apps using the tray receive a
destroy signal is the icon tray when another app using the tray is
closed.". It really looks like a kde bug, but maybe it's a libegg bug. I
would bugzilla kde first (if i was using kde, that is ;) ).

El vie, 21 de 02 de 2003 a las 22:39, Matthias Marks escribi� Am Freitag, 21. Februar 2003 12:52 schrieb Miguel Rodr�ez:
> > Don't worry. matti told me yesterday that he was going to test.
> Using Gaim from cvs shows the same odd behaviour; when an app from the tray is 
> closed, the gaim window pops up. It doesn't matter if it is a kde or gnome 
> app that is closed. If both GM and gaim are running, both pop up.
> Matthias Marks (aka matti on #gnomemeeting,
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