Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] choppy audio with very bad echo

- I suggest you to install 0.96.0, a lot of progress has been made in
one year, it is an Open Source software :)

- For the echo problem and choppy audio problem :
	* If you hear yourself when talking to another person, ask to 	the
other person to use headphones or to move his mic away from the
	* For the choppy audio, it can be due to several factors:
		- bad audio driver that doesn't support well full-duplex 		(recording
and playing at the same time)
		- bad headphones or microphone on the remote
		- bad audio codec
		- bad quality of the internet line : you can try to 		increase the
jitter buffer on your side to see if it 		improves, 0.96.0 does that

Le ven 21/02/2003 à 15:23, Matt Jaffe a écrit :
> I am using GM 0.85 (default installed by RH 7.3 on an IBM T30 laptop
> with a plain old intel i810 soundcard.  I am using the "i810_audio"
> driver that the RedHat install put on by default.  When I enable audio
> in GM it comes through as extremely choppy and there is a very bad echo.
>  Using the Sound Recorder from the Gnome menu, it records and plays back
> fine.  I have seen on the FAR that the also drivers fix non-existent
> sound, but nothing about the problem I am seeing.  I have to get this
> working on 14 of these laptops with identical hardware, so if I don't
> have to install also, that would be better.  Please help.
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