Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Installing Logitech QuicCam 4000 Pro

mån 2003-02-10 klockan 17.25 skrev walt:
> > Please read the last entry on this page of the FAQ:
> >
> so what he is trying to say, is that you are on your own and wasting
> your time asking here..imagine being on a mailing list for a program and
> asking how to get something to work with it. Shame on you!

No, I'm just saying that he should ask the question on the appropriate
forum. Kernel issues is offtopic for most GNOME forums that I know of;
people with kernel problems should in general ask their distributor or
on kernel mailing lists. That doesn't mean that there may not any be
people with the necessary combination of specific
kernel/distribution/webcam expertize that he requires on this forum;
just that it may not be likely and that its not the purpose of this

You don't go to your car vendor to complain if you have bad roads or no
roads at all near your home. It's the wrong forum, and the car vendor is
in no control of what roads you have where you live. Likewise with the
kernel and GnomeMeeting. GnomeMeeting is just a top level application
and we to a large part assume that you already have a functional system
beneath it, with a properly working kernel and functional webcam among
other things that are already configured and working. We can help with
issues related to GnomeMeeting, but questions on a kernel level are very
far from that. We can't provide support for everything related to
webcams. Sorry. If you want a one-stop-resource for support for
everything related to your Linux machine, you should buy a support
contract with your distribution vendor. Sadly, there is no way a
volunteer project can support everything.

Everything above is my own opinion, btw, but I believe Damien and other
GnomeMeeting developers shares those views to a large extent.


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