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I should add this to the FAQ too ;)

That happens when your IP changes. You are registered with a given IP,
and somebody with another IP can not change your attributes or delete
them, for obvious security reasons.

When your IP changes, there is no way to detect it is still you trying
to update your information, so the server ignores it. You then have to
wait 20 minutes for the entry to be autodeleted.

Notice we are looking for solutions on the ILS side. We are keeping it
only for Netmeeting compatibility, but it is really not something good.
For example, half of the peopel who register there are registered only
for testing, and most of the time, they are unreachable.

Le mar 30/12/2003 à 00:24, Ken Estes a écrit :
> Why do I occassionally get the adress book error?
> 	You have to register to see other registered users.
> Yet my general log says:
> 18:19:32 Contacting
> 18:19:35 Successfully registered to
> 18:19:40 Contacting
> 18:19:41 Updated information on
> 18:19:46 Contacting
> 18:19:47 Updated information on
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