[GnomeMeeting-list] Re: several network interfaces

>> I run gnomemeeting in a box with 2 network cards, but only eth0 is displayed on the
>> directory (a linux directory server set up with openldap). How can I can I make it use
>> both interfaces, or make it use just eth1?
>The ILS server is displaying the IP of the interface you are using to
>register to ILS. Do you have 2 public IP's?
I have one public IP and one private IP, but the server is the same machine where I'm
connecting from, I think that's why it's showing the internal address. A solution could be
run the openldap server just on the public interface, but, can't Gnomemeeting run on both?
or just run on a specific interface?
A workaround I found was to disable eth0, run Gnomemeeting so that it would register on
eth1, and then enable eth0.


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