Re: [Fwd: Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] General standard for text-chat and more...?]

Hi Herman,

-(snip: software patents)-
>  That was in the USA, I presume.
> Should we here in the EU feel the
> least intimidated by that?

we don't fear that, we just acknowledge that most Distros are also
available in the US and therefore need to comply to as well US as EU
regulations. (unless you want to end up *AGAIN* in non-US of Debian

>  By that, you implicitly recognize 
> their _right_ to restrict other's use
> of an "open" standard.
>  Pardon me for getting political here,
> but I think shared whiteboards sounds
> like a really nifty feature. 

well, contribute patches to pwlib, openh323 or GnomeMeeting whatever
suits your desire best *g*

>  Why back off bacause of a patent that
> is probably not enforcable in the
> country of origin?
>  Why not let the distros shipping in 
> the USA worry about legal repercussions?

they will "deal with it" by just not shipping GnomeMeeting. ;)

Best regards,

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