Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Gnomemeeting connection to netmeeting

Damien Sandras wrote:

Le lun 08/12/2003 à 19:44, David Selby a écrit :
I think its a Microsoft ILS, We would both prefer to

That explains it.

use, mainly because it has more appropreate content but it is very hard to register to. 7/10 times all I get is "you must register to see the other users" even when I have regiterd to setup in my preferences.

Are you sure that your IP didn't change?
If your IP address changes, there is a security timeout of 20 minutes
before your are allowed to register again. That's required to prevent
somebody with a different IP than yours from deleting your entry.

I'm registered the whole day and have no problem...

Actually, I could login to and delete all entries if I
wanted to do so.
You gave me a clue. I am on a dial up 56K, setup as dial on demand. I did an experiment.
Started gnomemeeting several times with modem connected, all OK
Reset modem
Started gnomemeeting, modem dialed & connected - can't log on, then stuck for 20mins

Theory - isp allocates me a dynamic IP address on startup, seconix gets caught up in this & thinks I have changed IP address ?

I'll brush up on bash & put gnomemeeting in a wrapper which starts link if not already up.

Thanks for the tip

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