Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Gnomemeeting connection to netmeeting

Is your relative connecting to a Microsoft ILS server?
If so, ask him to use, many microsoft ILS servers do not
support user lookup. If he really doesn't want to use our ILS server,
then you will be forced to manually type the IP address from the users

Le lun 08/12/2003 à 13:54, David Selby a écrit :
> I have a relative in australia, running netmeeting on XP,  I can 
> netmeeting with him AOK.
> Gnomemeeting 0.98.5 keeps trying to connect but comes up "user not 
> found" even when I can see them on the ils list & click connect. I have 
> tried several times.
> Interestingly gnomemeeting 0.12.2 (Debian woody) will connect fine, I 
> can hear them & video is OK, they cannot hear me !
> Any idea how I can get 0.95.5 to connect ?
> Dave
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