[GnomeMeeting-list] Re: Gnomemeeting --callto feature

Hello Scott,

GnomeMeeting supports the callto feature since at least 0.96.0 (and
perhaps even before but I don't remember). You should thus not be forced
to upgrade.

I guess AYTTM is misinterpreting some message.

Le jeu 04/12/2003 à 16:55, Scott Sommerville a écrit :
> To Damien Sandras
> I have recently installed version 0.4.5 of AYTTM and have gnomemeeting 
> version 0.98.5 installed on my Slackware 9 distribution, with a 2.4.20 
> kernel.
> When I go to initiate a gnomeeting session or someone invites me, I get the 
> error that my version of gnomemeeting needs updated, as it doesn't support 
> the --callto feature. Is this true? Do I need to upgrade to the 0.99 
> version?
> Please let me know.
> Regards
> The Penguin from the Highlands in bonnie Scotland
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