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Hi Alexis,
> OK, I will do that, but, when I change the settings during a
> communication, are these changes active during this, or must I cut and
> begin a new  one to apply them ?
> I saw that the settings were 40 % of minimal quality. If I can do that
> during the conversation I will increse 10 % to 10 %. If not. Concerning
> the minimal image/second, does it change a lot if I touch it ?

generally everything that doesn't poup some alert that this feature will
need a new connection to take place should go live. i don't know
howsoever if that does really work. ;))

e.g. my setup is "min 1fps, 95% qual, 2 bg.blocks, 6kB/s" with 128kBit
DSL upstream.

> > If you think you "ruined" your setup, you can return anytime to the
> > known default through the druid. Enjoy testing the options and please
> > give us feedback what's the better default choice for you, so we can at
> > least consider changing the defaults in the distribution.
> Another question : I saw that mu soundcard was not able to be broken
> into two programs (gnomemeeting and xmms forexample). I chose ALSA
> drivers, I thought that it could be used by two different program. Is
> there a reason ?

Yep, you didn't compile and/or load the alsa sequencer. ;) at least here
it works fine with multiple programs playing sound to a VIA8233 using
ALSA 0.9.4..

Best regards,

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