Re [GnomeMeeting-list] Gnomemeeting Mandrake 9.1

    |Get the nixj driver from cvs and install that.  It's a much
higher       |quality driver.  I'll rollup a tarball over the weekend
and get that       |available for download.

I will do it but is it supposed to settle my problem : quicket driver
not recognized?

      |If this is a recently aquired pci phonejack card, the driver
should be       |available on a few weeks.  It's behind schedule. :(

It's a recently acquired Internet **PhoneCARD**
      |Gérard Verger wrote:
      |> Hello,
      |> I try to make Pc-to-Phone calls working. Mandrake 9.1 -
Internet      |> PhoneCard from Quicknet - MicroTelco account to use
with GnomeMeeting.      |> 
      |> Situation: I can ring a phone number - The other person can ear
me      |> (communication is not too good) but I can't ear him.
      |> 1)  I installed gnomemeeting-0.98, openh323 and pwlib from Jan
      |> Schampera's rpm (gnomemeeting website). The Quicknet device in
the      |> "Audio Devices" section of the GnomeMeeting preferences is
not available      |> even if GnomeMeeting is started as root.
      |> 2) I tried to install ixj-1.2.1 from tar. I followed the
install      |> instructions indicated for a pcmcia card: configure,
make, make      |> install-cs and I got an error : no rule to make
install-cs (in french :      |> pas de règle pour fabriquer la cible
install-cs).      |> 
      |> I need a little help.
      |> Thanks.
      |> Gerard

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