Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Compilation problems with 0.96.1

Le mar 29/04/2003 à 16:05, Richard A Downing a écrit :

> It's very possible.  I had tremenous problems getting pwlib to compile.  
> Bison-1.875 caused many problems and expat-1.95.6 needed a patch to correct a 
> wrong declaration in expat.h. (which also affects openh323 cvs)
> I installed an older bison-1.31 to correct the bison problem, but had been 
> trying various things.  I've reported these finding on the openh323 list.

Right, there are problems with new versions of bison.

> Is there a list somewhere of the cvs requirements for gnomemeeting, running 
> gives me loads of errors?

You can compile GnomeMeeting CVS but make sure to have very recent
OpenH323 and PWLib CVS. The list you require has not been created yet,
but the error messages should help you determining what devel packages
to install. gnome-common (only provided in the GNOME CVS if you are a
RedHat user) is required for autogen to work.

> Thanks for the help so far.
> Richard.
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