[GnomeMeeting-list] Gnomemeeting and RedHat 9 Problems ... any progress?

Is anyone working to resolve the problems below?

On Tue, 2003-04-15 at 00:48, George wrote:
> I have installed a second hard drive in my machine with RedHat 9. Using
> Gnomemeeting with RedHat 9 doesn't work correctly with microtelco. It
> acts as if the ports on the router are not opened and forwarded. IE: The
> other party can hear me, but I cannot hear them. Also after using PC to
> Phone, gnomemeeting will not hang up or exit. I have to kill the
> process. This is the version .96.0 that comes with RedHat 9. 
> I had to install the nixj drivers to get the quicknet card to be
> recognized. Other then that there have been no changes.
> Also, trying to compile gnomemeeting and pwlib on RH 9, they both
> complain that openSSL is not installed, yet it is, and is installed in
> the correct place. 
> When I reboot back to 7.3/ximian, all works fine.
> Can anyone shed any light on what the problem may be and why trying to
> compile, it complains that openSSL is not installed?
> Thanks
George <geboyd netzero net>

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