RE: [GnomeMeeting-list] Suse RPMS

fre 2002-11-22 klockan 15.08 skrev David Dunster:
> 	I've downloaded from SuSE the entire Gnome2 rpms from SuSE.
> 	If I try to install one, it tells me it needs a file before
> 	it can do so. The command I use is:
> 			rpm -Uhv filename.rpm
> Is it possible to wildcard the rpms and get them to install properly,
> respecting dependancies, or do I have do them one at a time until all
> dependancies are meet?

rpm certainly accepts multiple packages with wildcards on the same
command line. In fact, that's the recommended way of installing packages
that depend on each other at the same time.


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