[GnomeMeeting-list] Traffic congestion ...

Damien Sandras wrote:


You probably have a DSL connection of bad quality where uploading means
"no download". If it is the case, you can always reduce the number of
frames per second, the quality, and so on. If you chose ADSL as
connection type in the configuration druid, good default settings should
be set and you shouldn't have any problem.

A good tool to limit the upload speed in general is iptraf under linux.

1. I use GnomeMeeting v0.12.2 on Debian GNU/Linux woody (kernel 2.4.19) as it is the last available in sections stable/testing. 2. I'm behind a firewall running a kernel 2.4.17 with the H323 patch (as explained in the FAQ), performing NAT. The gnomemeeting calls are redirected to the internal computer. 3. How could I make sure that the aDSL line is bad (i.e. that I can't have concurrent up- and downloading)? Is there a tool that could help me produce figures I can show to my ISP?

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