Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] ´ð¸´: [GnomeMeeting-list] Try GnomeMeeting on ipv6

Are you sure that both GnomeMeeting are IPv6 enabled? What happens if
you try to call simph323 with GnomeMeeting?

You really need openh323 1.10.3.tar.gz to test IPv6.
You previous mail about the missing "version.h" file tends to indicate
that you are still using an older openh323 1.9.x found on

The same happens with pwlib, you need a new version.

> Now I think the problem may lie in openh323. When I insert callto://
> 3ff0:8330:200:1::5678, Gnomemeeting accepted the address and begin to
> call. The toolbar show "calling 3ff0:8330:200:1::5678". And those printf
> I added show that gnomemeeting did not deal with it as an invalid IP.
> But the other gnomemeeting did not receive the call. Maybe there is
> something wrong with my route set.
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