[GnomeMeeting-list] Try GnomeMeeting on ipv6

    I am transcoding to ipv6 environment for gnomemeeting, now I meet
some questions.
    First, I find that the gnomemeeting can't send out packets in ipv6
scenario, even the first TCP-SYN packet. I traced it, and find that the
key problem is gnomemeeting set the default port (30000, set by
/apps/gnomemeeeing/general/tcp_port_range) in "SetTcpPorts(atoi...)",
Line 204, endpoint.cpp in 0.94.1 version. And then I set the tcp_port=0,
it can send out packet. 
    Second, the gnomeeting can't accept any call! Each SYN packet to
ipv4 will be accepted, but won't be accept under ipv6. I think the
problem is that it can't bind& start listener under ipv6. So I modified
the GMH323EndPoint::StartListener, and set the listener with ipv6 addr.
The H323EndPoint:::StartListen(listener) will return true, but when the
StartListener function finished, the system report "segementation

Best Wishes,


Liu Min

Institute of Computing Technology
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Tel: (86-10) 6256 5533-9240 
E-mail: liumin ict ac cn

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