[GnomeMeeting-list] ´ð¸´: [GnomeMeeting-list] Try GnomeMeeting on ipv6

> I installed pwlib1.4.3, openh323 1.10.3 and gnomemeeting 0.94.1 on
> redhat 8.0.
> Loopback on ipv6 with Simph323 is ok.

I mean Loopback on ipv6 with Simph323 in 1 pc and simph323 between 2 pc
on ipv6 are all ok.
> I set one pc with ipv6 addr 3ff0:8330:200:1::1234 and another one is
> 3ff0:8330:200:1::5678. Ping6 between the two pc is ok.
> But GnomeMeeting cannot connect each other with ipv6 addr. Of course,
> with ipv4 addr everything is ok. I insert callto://
> 3ff0:8330:200:1::5678 and callto:// [3ff0:8330:200:1::5678]. Video
> stopped for a moment, but the connection did not construct. I think I
> should change 'textual address' to 'real address' as Sebastien Josset
> said. Can you give me some suggestion on that?

Now I think the problem may lie in openh323. When I insert callto://
3ff0:8330:200:1::5678, Gnomemeeting accepted the address and begin to
call. The toolbar show "calling 3ff0:8330:200:1::5678". And those printf
I added show that gnomemeeting did not deal with it as an invalid IP.
But the other gnomemeeting did not receive the call. Maybe there is
something wrong with my route set.

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