[GnomeMeeting-list] Can't start with "ToUcam Pro"?

in the past i have fond a part that it's possible to set the 'player' to '/dev/dsp' and the recorder to '/dev/dsp1' for having the correct adjustments for the "Philips ToUcam Pro" - (may be i'm a little bit stupy, but where can i find these settings in "Linux-RedHat 8.0"), cause when the machine is starting and the desktop appears i could read the message:" Mixer device /dev/mixer has neither humming- nor PCM-Channel", in that case the webcam is dropped in, then i put out the camera of the usb connection and hope to find the mixer settings are correctly set again.
So may be someone knows what's to do?
Best regards
Thomas Rump
P.S: If there are too much questions in this group now, i will come later:-)

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